Clean & Efficient Concrete Surface Prep

Providing you with a compliant concrete slab, ready for the next phase of your project.

Photos used with permission of Husqvarna Construction AB.
technician grinding concrete floor

The right tools to
get the job done

With our over 60 years of experience in the concrete services industry and use of some of the top tools in the industry, you can count on DDSC to deliver quality work every time.

Not only do we have the right tools, but our people regularly participate in operational and safety training to make sure each job is completed both safely and efficiently.

project manager inspecting concrete floor for quality

The right solution
for your project

Whether we’re removing old flooring, fixing issues with a slab, prepping for new flooring, or all of the above, we understand the unique challenges of floor prep and work with each of our clients to make sure their unique needs are met.

We can tailor a solution to make sure we correct any problems with your slab and leave you with clean flooring with the right CSP (concrete surface profile) to keep you on schedule and ready for the next step of your project.

Our Surface Prep Services

DDSC Shot Blasting Icon

Shot Blasting

Create a clean and textured concrete surface to achieve the desired CSP (concrete surface profile)
DDSC Grinding Icon

Grinding & Scarifying

Remove old sealers, adhesives, & flatten your slab, Lower slab up to 1/4”, Eliminate tripping hazards
DDSC Floor Shaving Icon

Floor Shaving

Remove up to 3/8” in a single pass. It can mill or be set up for scarification patterns. Can produce 1/4 “ amplitude with ease.
DDSC Removal Icons


Remove old flooring or coatings to prep for new finishes
DDSC Sealed Concrete Icon

Sealed Concrete

Be it Ashford Formula or Dayton Superior we can handle all of your concrete sealing needs
DDSC Polishing Icon


Create an extremely beautiful polished concrete finish
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Anthony Brown
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