Our Capabilities
Whether your project is large or small, we've got the

capabilities to handle any concrete cutting, drilling, or demolition job.

Slab Sawing

Inside electric or outside diesel, concrete & asphalt up to 24” deep, trench slab on grade, suspended slab openings, control joints, soff-cut, green saw, saw, deep sawing & concrete repair (airports & highways)

Demo, Dismantle, & Remove

Bridges - full demo (piers, deck & abutments), bridge deck removal, joint replacement, building - structural concrete demolition (walls, suspended slabs, beams), breaking & removal (waste slabs, trenches, parking lots, driveways, curb & gutter, sidewalk), trucking, hauling & dumping

Wall Sawing

Concrete, precast, brick & block up to 27” thick (or 54” if cut from both sides), door & window openings, mechanical openings, dock levelers

Core Drilling

1/2” up to 42” diameter (larger with circular wire saw), large diameter hydraulic coring, 10’ + deep - continental tubing (test cores for pylons, foundations, dams, bridges), bollards, angled holes

Flush Hand & Chainsawing

Cut up against walls or slab, clean corners to prevent overcuts

Hand & Ring Sawing

Basement slab and tight areas where a walk behind saw can’t fit

Wire Sawing

Pylons, wall, crane pads, bank vaults, concrete piers, 10’+ thick

Joint & Crack Sealing

Joint/crack sawing & sealing; crack routing; joint/crack repair, spall repair, bridge joints. installation of various types of sealant: silicone, hot-applied sealant, epoxy, compression, performed

GPR Scanning

Scanning wall, slab, ceiling for electrical conduit, pt cable, voids, rebar

Shot Blasting

Create a clean and textured concrete surface to achieve the desired CSP (concrete surface profile)

Grinding & Scarifying

Remove old sealers, adhesives & flatten your slab, Lower slab up to 1/4”, Eliminate tripping hazards

Floor Shaving

Remove up to 3/8” in a single pass. It can mill or be set up for scarification patterns. Can produce 1/4 “ amplitude with ease


Create an extremely beautiful polished concrete finish


Remove old flooring or coatings to prep for new finishes

Sealed Concrete

Be it Ashford Formula or Dayton Superior we can handle all of your concrete sealing needs
Bridge Demolition
Surface Prep

About Our Process:

Environmentally Friendly +

In an effort to be as environmentally conscious as possible, Diamond Drilling and Sawing Company focuses heavily on recycling and other environmentally friendly practices as necessary. Most of the concrete that is removed from our job sites is recycled and used for road base. In addition to recycling leftover concrete, Diamond Drilling and Sawing Company recycles all steel bits and blades, oil, hydraulic fluid, transmission fluid and antifreeze.

Professional and Thorough +

At Diamond Drilling and Sawing Company, our industry professionals have seen thousand of projects over the years and are able to offer insights that go beyond sawing and cutting. Although we are not engineers and can't provide advice on structural or engineering issues, the overall awareness of our operators allows us to notify you of logistical or technical challenges related to your cutting requirements that other companies might miss. The result is that the job is done right the first time and problems are identified early on so they don’t affect the completion of the project.

Non-Intrusive +

The last thing a job-site superintendent needs is another resource to worry about. Diamond Drilling and Sawing Company supervises all of its operators as well as their impact on the project and the surrounding area. Considerations are taken for noise, environment, and situational concerns. We go above and beyond to ensure that no additional headaches are created as a result of our involvement in the project.

Clean and Precise +

Saw cutting is not just about making the cuts, it’s about making those cuts as accurately and efficiently as possible and then leaving the job site as clean and organized as it was when you arrived. Diamond Drilling understands this challenge. That why all our operators lay down protective plastic, vacuum up excess slurry, and clean any other areas affected by our cutting. We strive to be a totally self-contained service, leaving the job site with only the desired cuts behind.

Reliable Service +

Because of our size, we have back-up operators as well as back-up equipment whereas smaller companies have fewer trucks, operators and equipment. If there were to be a breakdown, we have the back-up resources to maintain our flow of operations on site without disruption. This is the kind of reliability that other smaller companies can't provide.

Prompt and Prepared +

We understand the demands of each project and strive to schedule our involvement as conveniently as possible to suit your needs. Our operators make every effort to be at the job site fully prepared with the proper equipment. Our company will also be equipped with backup saws, ensuring that nothing stands between you and the completion of your project.

Colorado is our home base, but we work on projects all over the country.

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